UK signs required when going abroad

Signs of the Times

If you go down to the Docks today you’re in for a big surprise….

Yes folks your car – even your classic car – as of this 28th September 2021will have to display a new UK plate on its rear end rather than the traditional GB plate. This change has nothing to do with Brexit, apparently, and caught out a number of people including the AA.

The reason? It’s to underscore that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, apparently, whereas it was never officially part of Great Britain.

Now you might think that this change is trivial bureaucratic nonsense aimed at fetching your hard-earned out of your wallet but be warned that you might not be allowed into EU and some other countries without one or you might end up with one of those hefty fines that police on the other side of the channel love to hand out in the spirit of friendly relations.

Many older classic cars have a lovely period metal plate proudly bearing GB on them. But venture further south than Dover and you may have to remove them, cover them up or apply a UK sticker on top.

On newer cars, a registration plate with a UK symbol or union jack displayed on it will do.

Not happy at having to fork out for a tacky new UK sticker? The AA is livid because they’ve been lumbered with 50,000 GB stickers after the Government told them that the GB symbol would carry on regardless.

Looking on the bright side that collection of ageing magnetic GB plates now occupying the fridge can be safely disposed of and replaced with a new collection of UK ones.