Rolls-Royce remodels historic mascot

Is nothing sacred, you may ask? Well, after 111 years it’s hardly surprising that the firm’s world famous goddess adorning the classic radiator needs a few nips and tucks. So Goodwood has announced that the mascot on the upcoming Spectre electric model is to be given a makeover.

Rolls-Royce is keen to promote that the new Spectre will have the lowest drag coefficient of any model in its history. In tune with this, the Spirit of Ecstasy benefits from aerodynamic tweaks that simply would not have been available in the Edwardian era of her creation. Her stance is subtly rearranged, we understand, and her billowing drapes – often mistaken for wings – made more realistic.

According to Rolls-Royce, the new shape of the mascot, which was developed digitally by a modeller with a passion for life drawing and sculpture, captures the essence of the original drawings of the artist Charles Sykes. Each figurine will be uniquely hand finished just as the originals were – Sykes originally made and polished every example up to 1939.

RREC Wessex Chairman Brian Palmer said, “ I’ve often joked when asked about the kneeling mascot on my 1954 Silver Dawn that it was done to improve the aerodynamics. Looks like the Goodwood facility really is going that extra mile to make their Spectre as sleek and slippery through the air as possible.”

Rolls-Royce has intimated that the new mascot will also appear on all other new models.