Rolls-Royce Returns to Work with Sleek New Convertible

The Goodwood factory returned to limited car production in May – the first British plant to do so.

The company has also released details of a brand new two-seater roadster called the Dawn Silver Bullet. This limited edition sees the Dawn’s two rear seats replaced by a sleek cowling of titanium and metallic silver. A carbon fibre dashboard and quilted leather centre console is said to have been inspired by the biker’s leather jacket as a “quintessentially rebellious fashion accessory.”

The striking Silver Bullet retains the 6.6-litre turbocharged V12 engine (generating 563bhp) of the standard Dawn to propel the sleek two seater to 155mph while reaching 62mph in 5 secs from rest.

Rolls-Royce used to be coy about engine output but here they’re being cagey about the Silver Bullet’s price tag saying only that each will carry a considerable premium over the standard Dawn. Catch it while you can because only 50 will be sold.