Rolls-Royce brings back Coach Building


Always exclusive and always receptive to customer demands for making these luxury vehicles more personal to them Goodwood has relaunched its Coachbuild department.

Reimagining the glory days of the independent coachbuilders, Rolls-Royce envisages a strong worldwide demand for reaching beyond offering bespoke accoutrements to standard models but reimagining the whole car’s physical form.

So if you are singularly unimpressed with a choice of 44,000 exterior paint colours, a whole swatch of rich wood veneer choices and a whole herd of rich animal hides to adorn your Phantom, Ghost or Wraith, hold hard because there is help at hand.

In case it passed you by, Rolls-Royce cars are no longer of monocoque construction but have a unique all-aluminium spaceframe chassis making it much closer to the traditional rolling chassis. There are four fixed points at the corners but designers can stretch or shrink these to suit different vehicles. They also have the flexibility to vary bulkhead positions, crossmembers and the height of floor and sill panels.

Which means – abracadabra – that the finished car can take any form that the designer chooses.

In 2017 the ultra exclusive Sweptail model was revealed and caused a sensation. Now Rolls-Royce has announced the Boat Tail to further cement the firm’s commitment to bespoke beauty.