Phantom to the Opera?

Rolls-Royce Motors has just announced a sequel to their long running pinnacle show-piece. Phantom Series 11 seeks to make enhancements to the model’s aesthetic by making sensitive changes to this iconic motor car aimed at lending a distinctively modern edge to a design classic.

The front facade has gained a polished horizontal strip linking the famous Pantheon grille to the lighting cluster creating a more harmonious and yet assertive visage. Subtle tweaks have also made the grille and newly refashioned mascot appear more eye-catching. While the grille is now illuminated at night and the headlamps have gained laser-cut star highlights so that your arrival at glittering public occasions will never go unnoticed.

Rolls-Royce suggests that more and more purchasers of the Phantom want to drive the car themselves, so they have made the steering wheel slightly thicker to increase the driver’s sense of connectivity to the the road. For other customers who never feel the need to drive, on the other hand, there’s an Extended version with an even longer wheelbase offering the ultimate in chauffeured luxury.

The latest Phantom seeks to offer the apogee of bespoke so that no two vehicles will ever be exactly the same and that every owner’s caprice catered for. The Phantom Platino, for instance, offers a silver/white exterior and exotic fabrics such as silk or a bamboo weave and even new contemporary wood finishes inside. The chauffeurs quarters can even be specified with leather upholstery and the rear compartment with more elaborate and idiosyncratic treatments perhaps recalling a bygone age of Rolls-Royce and the coach builder’s art.

This highly acclaimed performance could run and run.