Update from the Captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth

By webmaster | 29th May 2023

Captain Feasey of HMS Queen Elizabeth has written to us with an update of recent activity: As my time as the Captain of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH draws to a close, I wanted to write to express my sincere gratitude for all of the support, generosity and kindness that the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club has shown to…

Rolls-Royce Dawn mini photo feature

By webmaster | 28th May 2023

  Rolls-Royce has signalled that production of their glamorous Dawn convertible will soon be eclipsed as the Goodwood factory makes room for their new electric Spectre.

Spectacular Spectre

By webmaster | 27th May 2023

Brian Palmer reveals that the electric Rolls-Royce will debut in September The all-electric Spectre is, perhaps, the most eagerly awaited Rolls-Royce in history. The flood gates will certainly open this September as Rolls-Royce sources suggest that such is the pent-up worldwide demand that pre-launch orders taken right now will still take until 2025 to deliver…

An update from HMS Queen Elizabeth

By webmaster | 15th March 2023

We have had an update from our friends at HMS Queen Elizabeth, including an account of their unexpected diversion to ceremonial duties in the USA after HMS Prince of Wales was confined to dock: HMS Queen Elizabeth Affiliates Update

Bentley Booms

By webmaster | 15th December 2022

Seems the phenomenal sales success of the Bentley Bentayga just keeps on growing. Launching yet another upmarket version of the luxury SUV, with an extended wheelbase, the firm revealed that the average price of their vehicles has now reached nearly £190,000. And there’s probably more growth to come as purchasers rush to make their new…

Phantom to the Opera?

By webmaster | 16th May 2022

Rolls-Royce Motors has just announced a sequel to their long running pinnacle show-piece. Phantom Series 11 seeks to make enhancements to the model’s aesthetic by making sensitive changes to this iconic motor car aimed at lending a distinctively modern edge to a design classic. The front facade has gained a polished horizontal strip linking the…

New Bentley Mulsanne expected to be EV Hotshot

By webmaster | 22nd April 2022

Industry reports say Bentley is set to launch an all-new flagship EV model at the end of the decade bearing the Mulsanne moniker. The name may be familiar but nothing else is. As well as electric motive power the new range topping Mulsanne will reinvent itself as a hyper-luxury sporting coupe – perhaps fitting the…

Spectre looms over Dawn and Wraith

By webmaster | 25th March 2022

Fancied a luxurious Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible or even a sleek Wraith two door coupe? Well, sadly, you are too late as Goodwood home to Rolls-Royce has just revealed that production is to end in 2023 and, worse for those folk with spare cash to order one right away, the order books have been firmly slammed…

Bentley halts sales to Russia

By webmaster | 6th March 2022

Bentley has announced it will no longer sell its premium models in Russia, along with other products from Volkswagen Group, due to the continuing conflict in Ukraine. The company operates a lavish Bentley showroom in Kyiv, opened in 2019, and sells many of its upmarket models in Russia and to Russian nationals around the world.…

Rolls-Royce remodels historic mascot

By webmaster | 7th February 2022

Is nothing sacred, you may ask? Well, after 111 years it’s hardly surprising that the firm’s world famous goddess adorning the classic radiator needs a few nips and tucks. So Goodwood has announced that the mascot on the upcoming Spectre electric model is to be given a makeover. Rolls-Royce is keen to promote that the…