New Bentley Mulsanne expected to be EV Hotshot

Industry reports say Bentley is set to launch an all-new flagship EV model at the end of the decade bearing the Mulsanne moniker. The name may be familiar but nothing else is. As well as electric motive power the new range topping Mulsanne will reinvent itself as a hyper-luxury sporting coupe – perhaps fitting the Le Mans-derived model label rather better than the recent four-door saloon.

Many marque enthusiasts were sad to see the Mulsanne dropped in June 2020 after an 11 year production run and with over 7300 examples finding very happy owners. According to marketing sources, however, the saloon sector of the super-luxury market has been in decline for nearly ten years. This has chimed with the tremendous growth of the SUV vehicle type of which the Bentley Bentayga already accounts for a healthy 50% of marque sales.

Bentley is keen to make known that its new EV line-up has also evolved as an integral part of Volkswagen Group’s electric future rather than being specially adapted from existing group technology.

The all-new Mulsanne will also allow Bentley to accelerate its desirability and pricing structure accordingly – upwards.