Scott Vincent

Scott was born in North London, to a family that were predominantly in the entertainment industry, his mother being a Tiller Girl at the London Palladium and his father and brother both being ‘in the biz’. He was raised in the village of Radlett, near St Albans, where he attended school. However a degree from South Bank University later on in life, in Estate Management and Surveying, set Scott on a different path to that of his family, and rather than ‘treading the boards’ and after an unforgettable year working in France near Montpellier, he set up his Estate Agency Business in 1997 called ‘Joseph Scott’ with his close friend Jose and happily it continues to thrive today, some 26 years later, in Edgware and Mill Hill, North London. He was however lucky enough to be the consort of the actress Shirley Eaton for many years, most famous for having been painted gold in ‘Goldfinger’ which allowed Scott a privileged glimpse into the world of 007 and Eon, and many fabulous events, a lot of which were Aston Martin Lagonda derived.

Cars have always been a very important part of Scott’s life, his own father, an Alvis and Bentley man, who himself in turn was infected with the Classic Car bug from a very young age, via his uncle, F.E.Elgood, one of a group of ubiquitous ‘Bentley Boys’ that consorted with Wolf Barnato and charged around Goodwood, and Silverstone and various other tracks and hill climb areas in their monstrous 1930’s Bentleys. The family have quite a few photos and medals and trophies illustrating my fathers’ uncles fun and bravery!

Scott’s childhood was peppered with classic cars. Driving his fathers Ford Prefect 107e at the local farm from 14 and learning to drive properly in his mothers 1972 Volvo 1800es and fathers Alvis TD 21 Drophead in Alice Blue. At 15 he purchased his own classic car, a Morris Minor Traveller in Burgundy ‘PDP 763H’ for the princely sum of £900, purchased with his own money from a car washing round from the age of 11, and this set Scott on a course of years of Classic Car ownership, from a 1969 MG Midget, to an MGA, an Austin Healey 100/4, a much loved primrose yellow Jaguar XK120. Later modern classic included a BMW Z8 and a Ferrari 550 Barchetta, ex Eric Clapton. Today his stable includes a last of the line classic Mini Cooper, fully ’Cooperised’ by the famous garage in Ferring just before it shut down, and a recently acquired but very much beloved already, 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Continental, by James Young, affectionately named ‘Lady Penelope’.

His partner Mark is a self confessed lifelong ‘Rolls Royce nut’, based in Poole, and thankfully brings with him a mechanical knowledge of which Scott’s is nil! Together we hope to bring added value and fun to the Rolls Royce enthusiast club, Wessex Section …