Organising RREC Wessex Section Events

Firstly always discuss and have the prior agreement of a member of the RREC Wessex Section Committee before going ahead. All events must be costed and are expected not to make a loss – if possible include a margin to cover incidental expenses or to make a small contribution towards club funds. If in doubt always ask a committee member.

Here are some things to think about:

WHAT, WHEN, WHERE is the event?

  • What is it – country house, museum, boat or train trip, car show, or other place of interest? When should people arrive?Where exactly will you all meet? Postcodes for satnavs are useful
  • Will there be marked off parking for RREC Wessex Section?
  • Are you having a “run” with directions?
  • Where will it end up? (Maybe same as start)
  • How long is the event expected to last?
  • Who will be present on the day?
  • What catering (e.g. food and drink) will be available? Or is it a picnic?

Arrangements to be made with the venue

  • How much notice will you need to give the venue?Do you need to give a deposit to the venue we will be visiting?
  • Do you need to guarantee a certain number of attendees? Some venues operate a discount for group bookings.
  • Do you need to inform them of food allergies?
  • Has the venue any health & safety requirements?
  • National Trust Properties – some of your members may already be NT members and can get free entry. So why not make this a ‘Pay on the Day’ arrangement? RREC Wessex Section Funds can be raised on the day by asking for a donation.
  • Some venues may require to see Third Party Insurance. This is either available on our website in the Member’s Area or from RREC HQ at The Hunt House or via a Wessex Area Committee Member.

Organisation details

What will be the cost?

Is advance booking necessary? Is advance payment necessary? If so, who should the bookings be sent to?
What is the mobile contact for use on the day? What address or email should bookings be sent to? When do bookings close?
Will bookings be acknowledged, and how?

Publicity Material

Prepare the publicity material and booking forms. Get the event added to the RREC Wessex Section website and in All Torque. Ensure you get all publicity material ready in good time to be put onto the website and sent out in the next All Torque.

Initial Publicity

The following publicity is required for the website and All Torque:

  1. When is the event?
  2. A title for the event, the county and nearest big place and a short (20 words max) paragraph description of the event. This should be designed to entice all the club members to find out more about the event.
  3. The name, phone number, email address of the organiser for members to register with you. Interested members can then download the booking form from the website or contact you for one.
  4. The postcode or national grid reference of the meeting place.
  5. Any other information such as photos of the venue to put on to the website as a link that may entice members to book.

Lack of Response

If there is a lack of response following the initial advertising of the event in All-Torque, or the website, contact the committee contact and we can send out an specific email to generate more interest.

Booking Form

Send a booking form (if required) to the Webmaster to post on to the website for members to download directly.
Booking forms should include:

  • What address or email should booking forms be returned to?
  • Closing date?
  • Members details: Name, email address, postal address, phone number
  • Number of places they are booking
  • Confirmation that payment has been made (if payment is required)
  • Any special dietary requirements

Full information sheet about the event

This can either be included on the booking form (if it’s a simple event) or be a separate link on the website for members to download separately.
Include further information that covers all the information you have in what, when and where is the event.

Finally – enjoy. Organising an event can be fun and if you follow these simple guidelines and prepare well in advance most things will slot seamlessly into place and make life easier on the day. Then you can bask in the warm glow of a job well done and absorb all of the grateful appreciation of your fellow members.