Low Mode Hits Rolls-Royce Heights

For many Rolls-Royce owners the feeling of effortless and seamless transmission directed at the road and how the vehicle progresses in like manner is one of the marque’s great attractions – and has been since the Silver Ghost reinvented how the motor car performed and felt.

Yet new and perhaps younger enthusiasts and owners of Black Badge versions of today’s latest models have indicated a preference for a crisper response and an even more prominent expression of the engine’s aural character.

With this aim in mind, apparently, some two years of careful tuning has led to a new baritone sound quality that can be switched on and off at will to replicate the darker character of the new Black Badge models.

As well as providing what Rolls-Royce engineers describe as a more subversive element in purely aural terms the bespoke Black Badge editions will change gear up to 25% faster while amplifying the effect of engine braking.This feature can underscore the feeling of making descents of steep gradients more securely and without the need to use the brakes.

And for Black Badge clients who wish to enjoy the whole orchestral range while stationary they can do so with Low Mode selected in Park and Neutral as the exhaust flaps remain open.