Join the RREC Wessex Section

To join the RREC Wessex Section you must first be a member of our parent the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club. You can join the RREC at .

There is no fixed membership or subscription fee:

  1. Everyone registering or renewing will receive Section news and information via our emailed All Torque newsletter. And you will also be able to catch-up with Torque magazine online via email or the website. Please contribute at least £5 to defray costs and help us to continue to improve our service to you.
  2. Only if you require four quarterly printed editions of our larger and improved Torque magazine posted through your door please send us a minimum subscription fee of £15. You can easily top up this amount as you wish.

Due to Covid restrictions it will greatly assist our Treasurer if contributions are made via Bank Transfer to save him personal visits to the bank.