BMW Announces End of the Road for V12 Engine

BMW has announced that it will produce a special run-out limited edition 7-Series for the US market this Summer. This will signal the end of the road for the astonishingly successful V12 engine in their flagship saloon ahead of a new generation model. Just 12 examples – rather fittingly – will be made.

This brings to an end a brilliant run for this exceptional multi-cylinder unit which was first launched way back in 1987. It was this unit that Rolls-Royce chose to power its game-changing svelte but ultimately short-lived Silver Seraph model. Versions of the V12 engine raced at Le Mans and powered the ultra-exclusive McLaren supercar.

Members may be aware that this is still the favoured power-plant in current Rolls-Royce models – but have no fear they will still be made available for the Goodwood facility by the parent BMW company until 2030.