Bentley halts sales to Russia

Bentley has announced it will no longer sell its premium models in Russia, along with other products from Volkswagen Group, due to the continuing conflict in Ukraine. The company operates a lavish Bentley showroom in Kyiv, opened in 2019, and sells many of its upmarket models in Russia and to Russian nationals around the world.

However, the ongoing crisis is also affecting Volkswagen Group products in Europe as Ukraine and Russia are significant parts suppliers. Shortages are already affecting production in factories across Europe with some plants being forced to close.

Ukraine supplies Neon gas, which is used to make chips for electronic components, and the precious metal Palladium which is used in catalytic convertors. Ukraine is also a key source of nickel ore needed to make batteries for electric vehicles. In recent years Ukraine has also built-up a strong reputation for assembling wiring harnesses.

Volkswagen has announced it will close its giant plant in Wolfsburg from the 14th March while BMW has already halted production at some plants including Mini.