Bentley Booms

Seems the phenomenal sales success of the Bentley Bentayga just keeps on growing. Launching yet another upmarket version of the luxury SUV, with an extended wheelbase, the firm revealed that the average price of their vehicles has now reached nearly £190,000.

And there’s probably more growth to come as purchasers rush to make their new drives even more distinctive and personalised by exploiting the traditional skills of Crewe’s craftsmen and women.

The Bentayga EWB, priced from £211,400, came into being from a customer request for more legroom and now boasts almost business-class rear passenger facilities and accoutrements. The 180mm extension may not sound much but makes the world of difference to creature comforts, the company says.

And it’s not only legroom that has been extended as the company reveals that the revered brand is now generating a healthy 23 per cent on sales.

This is no mere academic return, either, because it has meant that parent company Volkswagen has been prioritising semiconductors, which are in short supply, for the Crewe crew over other marques in the group.

Despite gloomy economic news worldwide it seems that for Bentley the sky is almost certainly the limit.