Picnic Booking Form

Picnic Booking Form 27 September 2020

Thank you so much for your interest in this proposed event which will be our first since lockdown.

Our hope is to stage a relaxed event where we can all meet up again and enjoy our cars in the fresh air and well away from large crowds of the public or in enclosed and confined spaces. Our primary aim is to keep us all safe.

The venue for the picnic is in the lovely New Forest - indeed the boundary cuts right through this extensive property. We have access to a simply huge open grass pasture with a wonderful open skyscape. There is more than enough room for us all to be socially distanced but still to enjoy one another’s company.

There are basic toilet facilities on site and you should bring your own hand sanitising gel to use regularly. Remember, this is a farm! Please also bring and wear a mask if this helps you to feel safer even in the open air.

We are extremely grateful to our RREC Wessex member who has kindly made access to this farm available to us so that we can all meet up again before the 2020 Season is over.

We are making a small non-refundable charge of just £5 per car. This is to secure your place so that we know exactly who is coming together with details of all passengers. This is to enable contact tracing in the unlikely event of an outbreak of Covid-19. We do not want anyone turning up unannounced.

We want to keep you as safe as possible, and if successful we may be able to organise other events soon, so I hope that you will understand the need for these precautions.
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