Welcome to the RREC Wessex Section

Welcome to the Wessex Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club (RREC).

The Wessex Section of the RREC is a great bunch of really friendly people who like nothing better than to gather at some amazing venues, country houses, gardens and characterful hostelries to enjoy our cars and each other’s company.

We are so lucky in the Wessex Section to have more than our fair share of beautiful countryside, amazing coastlines, fabulous beaches and historic buildings than you could visit in a lifetime. We cover all of Dorset, some of Somerset, most of Wiltshire and the New Forest area of Hampshire. Here's a map of the area: RREC sections

If you own a Rolls-Royce or Bentley motor car of any age - and our members seem to own a wide variety of all every model produced - we’d love you to be part of the Wessex Section. Even if you live on the fringes of our area you might find that membership of the Wessex Section opens up a whole new range of social possibilities.

And if you have not yet managed to purchase your first Rolls-Royce or Bentley don’t despair. Our members in Wessex have a wealth of knowledge and experience with these fine cars that they’d be delighted to share with you.

We also have a set of specialist dealers advertising within our quarterly Wessex Section magazine Torque who’d be equally delighted to help you with your first purchase.
The Wessex Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club may only be just over 50 years young but we’d love you to be a part of its future.

After becoming a member of the RREC national club you can join the Wessex Section here:

Latest edition of Torque Magazine

Members of the Wessex Section receive a printed copy of our quarterly full colour magazine.

Once you’ve joined the RREC you can be involved with the Wessex Section for no annual fee and you will receive a copy of our quality quarterly printed A4 Torque magazine absolutely free.

Some of our members kindly make a personal donation to ensure that we continue to offer you the very best companion to ownership of your Rolls-Royce or Bentley motor car.

We have a new email newsletter too, bringing you all the latest news of what’s on in Wessex.

Hold the Front Page - Your Own Car Highlighted

If you would like your own Bentley or Rolls-Royce featured in our magazine or website do drop a line to chair@rrecwessex.org.uk with just a few pertinent details - and some artfully composed photos so that we can publish in either or both of these RREC Wessex Section mediums.

And - all budding David Lean’s out there - why not make a movie clip of your favourite car and send it in?

County Contacts

We are now also actively seeking County Contacts - especially for Hampshire. Though extra volunteers for Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset would be good.

If you’d like to be a local point of contact, and a catalyst for our Wessex Section supporters, I’d really love to hear from you - chair@rrecwessex.org.uk.

We hope to have representation in every County in the large area covered by the Wessex Section to help organise some really great events this year.

You may have a wizard idea for a venue, museum, garden or historic house that would be ideal for our supporters to visit. Or even a local pub - perhaps one serving some really good food - that might even be a venue for a regular meet-up point?

Better still, would you be willing to organise something yourself? Who knows? You may even make some new friends this way who also share your enthusiasm for the best cars in the world.