Welcome to the RREC Wessex Section


Any Questions?

All RREC sections are invited to send a representative to attend the RREC’s AGM on Saturday, 4th April, and Georgia Cheer-Ryley has kindly agreed to be there on behalf of Wessex Section, as she did so well last year.  The format is slightly different this year.  Delegates and other attendees are invited to join Groups after the AGM on Saturday afternoon to discuss topics affecting the future of the Club.

If you have any topics/ ideas/suggestions regarding the running of our Club, please send them direct to the conference chairman, Ted Meachem by email emeachem@hotmail.com by 2 March 2020. It doesn’t leave us much time so please respond promptly, and please do not contact Georgia direct.

Feedback from suggestions on how to progress the Club will be discussed on Sunday morning.

Welcome to the Wessex Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club (RREC). In December 2019 we celebrate our 50th Anniversary and we are greatly looking forward to the next 50 years. We’d love you to come and enjoy the ride with some of the most glamorous and beautifully engineered motor cars ever made.

The Wessex Section of the RREC is a great bunch of really friendly people who like nothing better than to gather at some amazing venues, country houses, gardens and characterful hostelries to enjoy our cars and each other’s company.

We are so lucky in the Wessex Section to have more than our fair share of beautiful countryside, some amazing coastlines, fabulous beaches and more historic buildings than you could string together for the average TV Series on places to visit. We cover all of Dorset, mid-Somerset through to mid-Hampshire and the majority of Wiltshire. Here's a map of the area: RREC sections

If you own a Rolls-Royce or Bentley motor car of any age - and our members seem to own a wide variety of all of the cars ever produced - we’d love you to be part of the Wessex Section. Even if you live on the fringes of our area you might find that membership of the Wessex Section opens up a whole new range of social possibilities.

And if you have not yet managed to purchase your first Rolls-Royce or Bentley don’t despair. Our members in Wessex have a wealth of knowledge and experience with these fine cars that they’d be delighted to share with you before you decide. And we have a regular set of dealers advertising within our quarterly Wessex Section magazine Torque who’d be equally delighted to help you with your first purchase.

The Wessex Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ may only be 50 years young but we’d love you to be a part of its future.

Once you’ve joined the RREC you can be involved with the Wessex Section for just £15 annually which covers our admin costs and your copy of Torque magazine. Some of our members make a further donation to ensure that we continue to offer you the very best companion to ownership of your Rolls-Royce or Bentley motor car. We have a new online events messaging service, too, bringing you all the latest news of what’s on in Wessex.

Sincere regards


Stuart Bladon